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YAHOO CREATES BRAND UNIVERSE: What Yahoo is calling their new "Brand Universe" is actually the name for online destinations they are forming which will draw large audiences around individual movies. Online Marketing Advice to Yahoo!: Right on, Yahoo! Leading the way for branding online, we see a perfect example of a company that gets branding by wrapping it around the product: individual movies. The not-quite way to do the brand universe thing online: see Disney. END OF MONOLITHIC MARKETING?: Says the Economist: "Some observers suggest that Vista and Office 2007 will be the last monolithic software releases - a sort of hangover from the great age of PC computing......Microsoft nevertheless plans to retain 'Big-Bang' moments to help with its marketing. 'We want to have signature events where we can rally the entire industry to what we are doing,' said Mr. Capossela, manager of Microsoft's business-products group. Marketing Advice to Microsoft: Again, right on! Don't follow the herd mentality and move all of your marketing budget online via Web 2.0 microchunking, Microsoft. Stick with the meat and potatoes of 1.0 marketing, the 'Big Bang" moments. You know what they say, while everyone else is sending email newsletters, you're hitting a home run by snail mailing a hard copy. THE 18-34 AGE DEMOGRAPHIC: No longer hip. One year can be the difference between being hot -- or not. As writer Jay Dyckman nears the end of the coveted 18-to-34 age demographic (like me), he ponders his future as one of the many whom advertisers tell, "We're just not that into you." Ad Industry Prediction for 2007: No worries, Jay. As 50 is the new 60, we'll soon see the 18-34 age demographic target expanded out to 40. Via Viagra and Botox, advertisers will like that they have another five years of customer lifetime value (LTV) to tap into.

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