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Scott Foreman

With the holidays in “full swing,” shopping is frenzied and buying is at the high point for the year. With even the most rudimentary business knowledge, you know that fourth quarter of the year is always the strong quarter for retailers. People are buying like crazy and each year, the economy picks up a little more steam and people have a little more disposable income.

As Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisers, we know that we must take advantage of this season. This can be a gold mine of opportunity. Whatever product you may be promoting, people are generally more likely to buy. There are exceptions, of course, but we need to be taking advantage of shoppers’ willingness to purchase items they may not normally purchase.

When writing advertisements for PPC services, there is one technique that tends to get attention. After all, attention is really what we’re after. It’s the merchants’ job to write effective sales copy. It’s the merchants’ job to sell the product. With PPC advertising, our only job is to get the click. That’s it.

So what’s the technique for getting people’s attention? You’ve already seen and fallen “victim” to it. Ask questions. You may be reading this because you recognize my name and like my past articles, but more than likely, you were caught by the title. When writing short ads whose sole intent is to get clicks, ask questions that searchers want answered.

If a searcher goes to a search engine and types in “shoes,” what ad title would get more attention: ‘Shoes’ or ‘Looking for Shoes?’ Both titles have the requisite keyword there, but one states a fact (rather blandly) and the other answers a question. When it all comes down to it, isn’t that what many searchers want, questions answered? How about this example: ‘Tie a Bowtie’ or ‘How Do I Tie A Bowtie?’ I think you can see the question seems to address the searcher’s concern more thoroughly than the statement.

The next PPC campaign you start, try asking a question in your ad title. If you can also make sure that the product answers that question, you’ve got a powerful combination of eye-catching ad and problem solving product.

Remember, be good to yourself and never underestimate the power associated with the intensity of your passion.

Wishing you Success,

Scott Foreman


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