Learning to market your site online

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Would you send an enormous amount of letters costing tens of thousands to print and mail, in a direct marketing campaign, without testing the letter content first? It's what many website owners do when they don't test and measure their own website copy and content then spend thousands on web marketing campaigns to drive traffic to their websites.

The internet is a mass of get-rich-quick schemes, and honest businesses trying to make a dime. A website could be there today and gone tomorrow, and in this economy, it's not just the bad guys that will be gone tomorrow! It's the real world intensified.

What are the main reasons people don't buy online? They don't believe you. Whatever may be the reason, it doesn't matter. You must first build credibility for yourself, in your business. The sad truth is that building authority and credibility for yourself, your business, and your products is now harder than ever, especially online. And it has never been more essential.

Take a second look at your home page. It has your company name. It explains what you do. But does it explain why you can offer your extraordinary products at such an awesome price? Does it establish your credibility as a real business that will honor its agreements and send a quality product on time ?

Unfortunately, for 99% of the websites out there, the answer is no. There is no attempt anywhere to address these issues. Not in advertising. Not on the home page, and not even in the information about each product. The only place you can find a good example is in expert copywriters' work. By defining your website objective, experimenting with copy, content, persuasion, design, colour and architecture it is possible to predict what the response of your website will be.

In other words you can confidently predict how many people will do what you want them to do every month. Month after month. Easy? No, it takes a lot of work but it certainly is possible.

Try these few examples that should make your page into a super seller.

Keep It Simple

Focus on one product or service at a time. Don't confuse your prospect. Be super clear on your key benefit right up front, and then follow with additional benefits. Words sell better than pictures in most cases. Always be more direct, to the point?

Write A Killer Headline

It's the single most important part of your sales letter. If you have not spent double the time on your headline than on the rest of the letter combined, then its high time you revised your strategy!

Sell with Sub-headings

Have at least One Sub-Headline per viewable page. Web readers scan - 90% of your visitors will not read through your copy, but will scan your headline. Your sub-heads should tell your story and intrigue your reader to read.

Trigger Key Emotions

Reinforce Emotions Your Customer is Already Feeling. You will never have truly killer copy until you understand your customers’ emotions about your subject area better than they themselves know. Once you have identified a few of their emotional buy triggers, then come right out and expose that emotion - build on it.

Have an Irresistible Offer

Once again, live in your customer's shoes. You can even triple your sales by tweaking your offer to include more perceived value. Throwing tons of freebies at your customer is NOT perceived value. Including something unique, something personalized (like a consultation with an expert), that will increase the perceived value of your product.

While there is more to writing great copy than outlined here, these are the main building blocks.

Review your website today and add any information you can think of to establish your business' credibility.

Your accountant will thank you.

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