Copywriting: Online Marketing Accelerator

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If you own an online business you are one of the masses of ‘Netreprenuers’ that canvas the worldwide web today. You have a web presence because you believe that you have a product or service that is either unique or fairly priced and the web is where you are banking on earning an income.

Making the Sale

Selling on the Internet is more than simply offering products in a “if we build it they will come” mentality. You have to provide an atmosphere where the visitor can come to terms with their need for the product or service. This is hard to do with a simple “Add to cart” button and little more.

It’s All in the Copy

No matter what you are selling and no matter how may different products you are selling it is important to assist your clients in understanding the benefits of the product being offered. In fact, the fewer products or services you have available to more details you should provide your online customers.

Longer Copy?

When you are selling a single product or service is it vital that you provide a two-pronged approach to your copywriting. The first step is to provide details about the product or service while the second element is to list the benefits your clients can expect.

If your client can see the practical applications of the purchase they are likely to consider the product more fully.

As you lengthen the sales copy by providing a solid case in favor of your product you need to make sure your client has the sense that you are interested in their well being.

Shorter Copy?

The instance in which shorter copy may be appropriate is when you are selling a multitude of products. In this case a more simplified streamlined approach is needed to pass along sufficient details without cluttering up the page. The standard rule is more products – less copy: Less products – more copy.

Easily Scanned

Include bullet points, quotes and text boxes to draw your visitor to the most important information in your sales copy. If your copy is all text, a web user will likely migrate elsewhere. Most web users are accustomed to visually appealing site design and this can be accomplished in a few simple steps when planning your web page.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

There will come a point in your copy where you will want your client to make a decision. You should not feel squeamish about asking for a sale. You have listed the details and the benefits so it is appropriate to ask them to take the next step. The worst they can say is no.

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