6 Powerful ways to Promote your Site Offline by Matt Colyer

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Far to many web sites are not advertising offline and it's costing them large amounts of money. Don't make the same mistake as those web site owners and instead learn from their mistakes! Below you will find six powerful ways to promote your web Site Offline and gain more exposure.

Flyers - Get some flyers printed out with your web site's address and tell them a little bit about what your service(s) or product(s) is and why they should choose it. Hang some of the flyers on bulletin boards. In most cities you can go to a local collage, Laundromat or store and put up your flyers. You would also be smart to place it in front of people's doors at their homes. Also keep a few, so when you meet someone that would be interested in your service(s) or product(s) you can give one to them.

Television - Advertising on TV can gain you huge exposure, but isn't cheap and isn't always the right place to advertise on for certain service(s) or product(s). Find TV programs that attract your target audience, many TV stations will provide you profiles of their viewers. If your on a real low budget, you may want to skip this one and try to advertise else where.

Business Cards - Have some business cards printed out, the nice thing about business cards is that they are cheap. Give your business cards out to people that might be interested in your product(s) or service(s). Give them two cards and tell them if they know any friends or family that may interested in your service or product, to give them a card.

Automobile Advertising - You may be thinking I am making this up, but I'm not. Think about it, how many miles an hour do you travel in a month and than think of how many people you have passed while driving? It's just like those big trucks that deliver goods to stores and advertise their company on it. You can stick magnetic signs, stickers or whatever on your card that advertise your web site's URL.

Promotional Items - Include your web site's URL on all promotional items you give away. This could be a T-shirt, coffee mug, keychain, hats or whatever you choose. It will remind people every day of your service(s) or product(s) and in most cases it takes more than one time for a visitor to see your site before they will buy something from you.

Yellow Pages - Place an ad for your web site in the Yellow Pages. You would be amazed of how many people will find your web site in the Yellow Pages.

Author Info:

Matt Colyer is the owner of the www.superiorwebmaster.com. He also is a php, CGI and ASP developer.