How To Write And Craft Your Online Classified Ads

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What are classified ads? Classified ads are essentially just condensed form of solo (full page) ads. They are small as there is usually a limit to the number of lines or number of characters that you are allowed to put in.

Classified ads can be free (certain restrictions are likely to apply) or can cost you as low as less than $10. For the ones that you have to pay, prices vary depending on where you advertise, how large the subscriber list is and the number of impressions (how many times your ad appears).

You may consider placing your online classified ads on a website that is already generating huge traffic or in someone else’s ezine.

Here are a couple of sites that you may wish to check out:

With there being a limit to the number of lines that your classified ad can contain, it is a good idea to spend some time crafting out an effective ad copy to elicit the best response. Your job is to conjure a clear image of a solid benefit in the minds of your prospect, based on the restricted number of words that you are allowed in your ad.

Here are 7 tips on crafting out your online classified ads:

1) Use the age-old marketing formula once again: AIDA! Attract Attention, get Interest, Attract Desires, Get Action.

2) In order to attract attention and to get your prospect's interest, you must first know who he/she is and what he/she wants.

3) Sell on the benefits and not on the features. Remember the saying “Sell the Sizzle, not the steak”!

4) Make a clear statement that says specifically what your prospects will get when they answer your ad. Show by using facts instead of claims. For instance “Fast service guaranteed” is not as preferred as “Your items shipped in 24 hours”.

5) Get your prospects to act on the information immediately. Put a time limit!

6) Use the word “Free” if possible. For instance, offer a free ebook or free service to attract your prospects.

7) Other words that can possibly help in your ad include:

Free, Offer, Quick, Easy, Last chance, Just arrived, Announcing, Limited edition, limited offer, prompt results.

Bonus section 1: Another 3 tips on testing and tracking your ads

1) When you test your ads, you may wish to test word-by-word. Test by changing your headlines or change the format of your words (eg. bold, capital letters, italics).

2) Concentrate your ads in a few places rather than advertise all over the internet. Try to do a thorough job in the few places that you’ve chosen before you move on to the next. 3) Try to increase the reach and frequency. Few prospects will act after seeing your ad for only one time. You need to have an ad exposure of at least 7 times.

Bonus Section 2: Here is a specific example on how you can transform your ad

First, you may start with….

“Freelance graphic designer does great designs.”

Next, you spell out some specific benefits to your prospects if they respond to your ad…

“You get attractive sales ad when I personally design your graphics.”

Make it attention-grabbing by changing it to….

“Explode your sales with my attractive graphics for your ad campaigns.”

Finally include the word “Free” and put a strong call to action into your ad…

“Free access to my clipart library for limited time only. Explode your sales with my attractive graphics for your ad campaigns.”

Viola!! Put some practice into this exercise and you will soon find it easy to churn out 3 to 5 line ad copies at the drop of a hat! One last tip for you…

Before you start writing a classified ad, it is a good idea to take a look at how other people are writing theirs. Take note of those that you find appealing and use the same formula. Get it right and you should be receiving good click through rates!

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