How directory submissions can help in improving search engine rankings.

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How directory submissions can help in improving search engine rankings.

Directory submissions the name itself conveys the message that it is related to submissions to a directory or directories. Directories now a days a very popular way to get traffic as well as a link back to your website which is counted a vote to your website in search engines point of view and which tells them the popularity of your website.

What is a directory?

A directory is a list or a collection of website addresses which is organized in a categorized format to provide a unique information system of Webpage’s in terms of websites.

What is Submission?

The process of submitting websites for inclusion into directories, Search engines for indexing in terms of websites.

Directories are a good way to improve search engine placements and search engine positioning. When you submit a website to a web directory you will get a one way link back which is a vote towards your website in search engines point of view. If you get few hundreds of good link backs i.e. one way link back, then your search engine position will grow very fast.

There are two types of web directories:

1. Static Web directory

2. Dynamic web directory

Dynamic web directories only helps in getting some traffic to your websites but are not useful for search engine positioning as they don’t provide a direct link to your website which cannot be considered as a vote to your website.

Static web directories helps in both ways, traffic as well as search engine positioning because it give a direct link to your website which will be counted as a vote to your website.

I have a list of few such high quality static web directories:





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Selection of quality web directories can lead higher search engine rankings and good traffic.

Now a days Google, the very popular search engine provide a technology called Page Rank, which tells how much a website is popular or important in Google point of view, there are many websites which can tell us the page rank of a website but Google itself provides a tool bar which gives a websites Page rank details. If you are getting link back from a good quality and high page rank web directories then your weight on search engines will increase and you will get strong position in search engine listings.

I have recently tried this good quality web directory submission process on one of my website and it has shown its effect and I got very high search engine placements for many keywords.

Few important points to remember when considering a web directory for submission:

1. It should be a static web directory.

2. It should have high Google Page Rank.

3. It has to be categorized in organized manner.

4. It should not move results to next pages as soon as it has new inclusions.

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