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Learning to market your site online

Would you send an enormous amount of letters costing tens of thousands to print and mail, in a direct marketing campaign, without testing the letter content first? It's what many website owners do when they don't test and measure their own website copy and content then spend thousands on web marketing campaigns to drive traffic to their websites.

Marketers: Are We Getting Dumb?

Good morning, you fellow marketers! Well, you do not have to give me that look, there is always a morning coming up somewhere (what a cheap cliche!) Have you been online later? I suppose so.

Overview On Qualitative Data Collection Techniques In International Marketing Research

This article is meant to be a brief review and reminder of some valuable yet often bypassed techniques to collect data on international markets and consumers.

The E-marketing Plan - Brief Overview And Working Scheme


E-marketing Strategy: 7 Dimensions To Consider (The E-marketing Mix)

What is e-Marketing? e-Marketing is still quite a controversial subject to talk about, since no one succeeded to unify the various theories around it; however there is one thing upon which there is no doubt – that e-Marketing first appeared under the form of various techniques deployed by pioneer companies selling their products via the internet in the early 90's.

12-month 2005 Marketing Calendar that Boost Sales

Sharron Senter The following is my 12-month promotional marketing calendar.

Tips from Chicago Search Engine Strategies - Part 2

Tanya Martin The next session that I enjoyed was Shopping Search Tatics at Search Engine Strategies.

Tips from Chicago Search Engine Strategies - Part 1

Tanya Martin The first meeting I went to for the day was Organic Listing Forum at Search Engine Strategies.

Elements of a Successful Advertising Campaig

Christoph Puetz A successful marketing campaign needs certain elements to be successful.

Looking for Help Writing Google Adwords?

Scott Foreman With the holidays in “full swing,” shopping is frenzied and buying is at the high point for the year.

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