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Google AdWords: Like Playing The Lottery

Dean Phillips A "dollar and a dream," is all you need said the television commercial.

The Lost Art Of Fundamental Copywriting

Dean Phillips What ever happened to good old fashion, fundamental copywriting? Has anyone seen AIDA? I mean, before you can run, you first have to learn how to walk, right? Yet, I see it over and over again.

The Importance Of Implementing An Integrated Marketing Plan For Your Small Business

The progression of marketing -- moving beyond traditional to include interactive, consumer driven, social marketing has spread like Ebola.

A Must Have in Flyer Printing

For many years, flyer printing has been among the most important things that different businesses must do.

Copywriting: Online Marketing Accelerator

If you own an online business you are one of the masses of ‘Netreprenuers’ that canvas the worldwide web today.

Writing Effective Catalog Copy Or Web Copy Can Be Fun!

Once you learn a few fundamental principles and techniques, writing persuasive catalog copy, web copy or product descriptions for printed brochures or sales sheets becomes an easy, enjoyable process.

Achieve Top Returns By Building Your Own Opt-In Lists

Email marketing is now a powerful force in the internet marketing world.

Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season

If you have been in business long you know that the bulk of your sales will come from the months leading up to and going through the holiday season.

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